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We are a team of senior engineers and managers based in Istanbul. We help businesses develop innovative, custom software – web and mobile applications, IT outsource, social media and performance marketing.

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We leverage new technological approaches to meet your business needs and maximize delivery speed. We develop technically scalable, sustainable performant modern applications.


Web Development

We have strong experience in building cutting-edge web applications. Using the best web development technologies and the right tools, our team can develop a product that fits the market perfectly. Creating a product is a complex process. We are ready to help you every step of the way from visualizing, building and implementing your ideas.

UI Development

UI design services aim to create visually appealing, brand-enhancing digital interfaces that attract and retain users. Quintic offers UI solutions that are tailored to your target audience, reflect customer values, and effectively back up your business goals.

UX Improvements

With our expertise in user experience (UX) design, we can both simplify and enhance the interaction between our clients' leads and their digital assets; be it a website, mobile app, social media campaign, email campaign or even a banner ad. This will ensure that our customers have an engaging digital presence; Maximizing conversions, ensuring customer loyalty and improving brand value are our top priorities.

Technology Transformation

With 20 years experience on our team, we provide best transformation services. It includes architectural design, improvements on framework usage and performant maintainable project structure


Backend Development & DevOps Consultancy

Improve your infrastructure with cutting edge technologies, best practices, reaching out highly scalable and sustainable low cost solution with cloud services

DevOps Structure Design

We provide to create or improve your CI/CD structure and improvement on SDLC problems with highly efficient project management and DevOps Consultancy

Backend Performance

Providing implementation of improvement on Backend API performance effect highly scalable and SEO optimized response times and gives users best experiences


App Development

Our team can provide support at any stage of custom mobile app development, from proof-of-concept app creation to MVP.

360 Development Process

We design custom digital products that are completely customized to your needs. We also offer comprehensive services from design and product development to implementation, maintenance and development. Analysis plays a vital role throughout our process. Initially, we examine in detail the characteristics of the project, the scope of work, business objectives and expectations so that the development of the application is as effective as possible.

Hybrid Solutions

Providing multiple device publishing technology with on demand Flutter and React Native development. With these technologies we provide fast and quality apps on every devices

Cost Efficient

By conducting a comprehensive pre-implementation analysis, we avoid revisions and changes during the project, thus saving costs.


Digital Transformation

Digital transformation will take your business to the next level. It helps automate and digitize time-consuming processes, reduce costs, transform day-to-day operations and, finally, increase security. Digital transformation means investing in best practices and digital technologies and ultimately making your business more innovative and effective. The main purpose of developing new ways of core business processes is to accelerate and optimize daily work.

Social Media and Performance Marketing

If you're looking for a dedicated marketing partner to help you attract, win, retain, and grow eligible customers, start with Quintic.

Marketing Technology, Data and Analytics Consulting

We help you with all aspects of marketing technologies so that you can reach your business goals. We help you create your marketing tools efficiently and shape your customer data.

SEO Services

As part of the optimization, you get everything you need to achieve your goal without any additional payment: copywriting, web support, auditing and improving the sales quality of the site. We attract the target audience to your site, develop your site and provide high traffic conversion.

Social Media Services

Take advantage of the power of Social Media to increase interaction and strengthen brand awareness. Have an audience by working specifically on social media platforms. Let's implement organic and paid social media marketing strategies that generate sales.


Here's what our customers said

Listen from our customers how we solve their problems and improve their product quality

Quintic Technology provide performance optimization and multilingual support for us with fast and efficient development process Really love their approach on SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle) process on Hepsiemlak

As Sharpware , Quintic Technology provide us Bootcamp for our company. After their training our candidates get full-time job. We really love their services and plan to continue partnership with educational Bootcamp project

In Atez , we are getting project transformation and custom project development services from Quintic Technology . We are happy to say, we finally release our product with their help and optimize our efforts on product development.

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